LinkedIn Lead Generation &
Conversion Program

Are you tired of all the sales and marketing "gurus" trying to sell you on the latest and greatest lead generation program?  How about the companies that promise the world but struggle to deliver real results?

The LinkedIn Lead Generation & Conversion Program is a consulting/mentor/partner-based program designed to help you create and convert targeted opportunities.

A lead generation program without a conversion strategy is just a meaningless tactic.

Demand generation focuses on both the tactics and strategy necessary to attract and convert opportunities. While most organizations focus on lead generation (top funnel) we focus on converting opportunities into money by focusing on your entire funnel.

The LinkedIn Lead Generation & Conversion Program Solves:

  • Declining and/or shortage of quality leads.
  • Canada's Anti-Spam Legislation and the difficulty soliciting new businesses via email.
  • Relying on a reactive marketing and sales strategy that doesn't put you in control.
  • Increasing marketing spend with the inability to track Return on Investment.
  • Long sales cycles that are slow moving which slow down the conversion process.
  • Having an complete process that doesn't attract, retain and or consistently grow client relationships.

What You Will Get

Phase 1

  • Sales & Marketing Audit of Your Business
  • Creation of an Executable  Marketing Plan with Marketing Assets
  • Creation of a Sales Conversion Funnel with Value Ladder

Phase 2

Phase 3

Using our proprietary system and strategy, our LinkedIn Lead Generation & Conversion Program will help your business to build, engage, educate and nurture qualified business opportunities.

Lead Generation & Conversion

The single best value of our LinkedIn Lead Generation & Conversion Program - we proactively attract new opportunities using LinkedIn and our personal business network.  Our goal is to create and convert opportunities into revenue.  

Our Simple 3 Step System


Sales & Marketing Audit

We look at your entire sales and marketing system to create a plan that generates opportunities that we help you to convert.


Discovery Call

We jump on a video call to discuss findings from our assessment and outline our recommendations.


Custom Program

We create your custom LinkedIn Lead Generation and Conversion Program.

We're going to be extremely blunt – what we do isn’t for everyone. We only want you to join if:

  • You're beyond the idea stage and your business is generating revenue
  • You’re fully transparent and open to exploring all options within reason to transform your business 
  • You're open to sharing a % of the sales growth that we're able to help your business achieve
  • You’re positive with a growth mindset
  • You believe in service to others above self

The LinkedIn Lead Generation &
Conversion Program

MonthLy PLAN

(minimum 6 month commitment)

(includes phase 1, 2 and 3 phases plus  a negotiable % of new sales from our growth strategy)

Have Questions?
 Personally, reach out to Tyrone or Kevin

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