The Joint Ventures Group

The Joint Ventures Group - an online community of entrepreneurs led by  Joint Venture Deal Makers, Strategic Alliance Specialists, Investors, Serial Entrepreneurs, Connectors Extraordinaire Tyrone Matheson & Kevin Pettie.

Learn proven strategies (effective across all industries) on how to leverage joint ventures, strategic alliances and others sales and marketing conversion tactics to create exponential business growth. 

Get instant access to the online community, business building resources and weekly access to us, your personal Strategic Growth Consultants.

Get direct access to us and other business experts who understand the entrepreneur hustle.

Everyday we mentor, coach and consult members of the community. You can ask questions for the entire group of entrepreneurs or reach out to us privately. 

The community focuses on:

  • Business Models
    (Learn how to position your business so that you never have to compete with anyone ever again)
  • Business Systems
    (Learn how to implement the right systems to position your business for predictable growth)
  • Business Growth
    (Learn simple strategies and tactics to create a business that consistently builds value and grows profits)
  • Business Scaling
    (Learn how to use the most powerful strategy to grow any business in any industry and in any economy)

Kevin Pettie

What You Will Get

  • Instant access to our Private LinkedIn Group.
  • Instant access to a community of entrepreneurs that understand the hustle.   
  • Share your Challenges and Successes with a vetted community.
  • Bring forward challenges and leverage the group to get quick solutions.
  • Showcase your product and/or service to our joint venture partners
  • Instant access to our Monthly Live Training. Join in monthly and ask us anything on the live training.
  • No more isolation as a business owner; connect with people that you can relate to on all levels.
  • Instant access to Recommended Resources.
  • Instant access to recordings of all monthly live training sessions. Listen or watch, it’s your choice.
  • Be held to a higher level of accountability. Grow with the full support of the community.
  • Private Consulting. You have direct access to us at any time.

The Joint Ventures Group is the only place that we will share our resources, information and knowledge with other professionals.  There is no need to do things alone; leverage our experience, expertise and exclusive network to grow your business the right way.  Most importantly, leverage the Joint Ventures Group Community.

Attend Monthly LIVE Training:

The monthly LIVE training sessions are done in a easy to digest format, allowing you to grasp some of the most complex teachings. You can ask us your questions at each session. All training sessions are recorded and fully accessible on demand by the community.

Regardless of when you join, you’ll have access to the vault of training materials, including all of our previous live recordings, audio recordings and recommended tools and resources to ensure you take the most direct route to success.

Accountability within the Community:

Unlike other online membership communities that require you to upgrade with a new model, The Joint Ventures Group was designed to provide you more value. Like you, we’re out there building our businesses, making mistakes, learning and growing forward.

Every week each member will have the opportunity to share their challenges and successes with the group, a great way to constantly get the support that you need to grow and remain accountable to both yourself and the community.

Private Consulting

The single best value as part of The Joint Ventures Group community is private access to us whenever you need help.  With private access you can message us with your most pressing questions and or challenges.  

We’re fully committed to helping you to get the answers that you need to succeed, scale and create a business that builds value and creates substantial profits.

Our Top 3 Focus Areas as your Strategic Growth Consultants:


Business Models

Create business models that make competition irrelevant and consistently delivers value.


Use of Technology

Leverage technology to capture, create and convert untapped opportunities.


Joint Ventures 

Use of the most underutilized strategy to scale any business in any economy at any time.

The Joint Venture Group is Ideal for you if you:

  • Feel isolated as a business owner
  • Have no one to turn to for professional help
  • Need the answers that are unique to your business situation
  • Need direction on what to do next
  • Have tried various things, but none have really worked
  • Have a business that is running well, but you want to scale and take things to the next level

We're going to be extremely blunt – what we do isn’t for everyone. We only want you to join if:

  • You're beyond the idea stage with a business that is generating revenue
  • You’re willing to set aside a few minutes each week to participate, ask questions and share 
  • You're willing to commit to growing your business
  • You’re positive with a growth mindset
  • You believe in service to others above self

The Joint Ventures Group Membership Will Increase in Price.  
By Joining Today You Secure Your Rate Forever.

MONTH to month

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Have Questions?
 Personally, reach out to Tyrone or Kevin

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