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Top Questions Asked

A few examples of some of the strategies and tactics that we use to create new revenue streams and profit centres for organizations, include but are not limited to licensing intellectual property, strategic partnerships and alliances, joint ventures, cross-selling, product and service cloning, broker partner models and the list goes on.

Before we take on any new client, we assess the opportunity to determine if and/or how we can help.  The Return of Investment is specific to each client and guaranteed based on what opportunity we will help the client to create.  If we can’t help you, we will not take you on as a client.

The quick answer, it depends.  If we can create an opportunity for you within 30 days, we’ll work on a Pay on Performance basis.  If you need someone to work with you on a longer-term basis, we will explore retainer, equity and/or some combination.  Contact us for more information.

This service requires an upfront recoverable engagement fee that is determined based on where you are in your business and your needs.  Contact us to learn more.

If you are looking for an investor, we charge any where from 1 to 5% of the amount that you need.  This fee is paid after successfully funding your deal.

If you require us to actively pursue opportunities on your behalf, it really depends.  Are we just sourcing opportunities?  Do we get to participate in the growth of this new opportunity?  Contact us to discuss your specific needs.

With our Rainmaker Services the focus for us is to uncover ONE THING that will create new revenue or profits for your business.  Once we uncover this opportunity, we will leverage our own resources to pursue and implement this opportunity on your behalf for a negotiable share of the opportunity that would be pre-determined.

Yes.  If you want, we will even make ourselves accessible to you, for a fee, while you implement our recommendations for your business on your own.  

Yes.  We offer weekly “how to” training sessions for a small group of non-competing businesses.  Each company receives an assessment specific to their needs and each week in real time they create and implement ONE strategy that will help them.  Contact us for more information.

Although we are industry agnostic, our network has an interest in Agriculture and Food, Medical Devices (pre-revenue/non-commercialized), FinTech, Real Estate (incl. development, multi-family, commercial, etc.) and Essential Services (i.e. HVAC, plumbing, electrical, cleaning, etc.).

If the deal looks good, we won’t turn it away, so reach out to see if and/or how we can help you.