Just a Few Client Examples

 Software Client (Joint Venture + Strategic Alliances) – we arranged a partnership between a technology start-up in the prognostics and analytics space and a global top tier auto organization with distribution in over 40 countries.  The new partnership provides the start-up with distribution that they never had and the global organization access to technology which created a new revenue stream for their business.  

Retail (Monetize Social Following) – a retail client was struggling to get new clients into their brick and mortar store.  After doing some research to understand what the retail stores clients purchased before, during and after they purchased from their store we decided to create a membership program.  To market the program we went to our clients social following and offered a limited group of memberships at a fixed dollar amount.  Within 48 hours, our client  sold 40 memberships, resulting in $3400 in new revenue at a cost of $0.

Software Start-up (Joint Ventures + Strategic Alliances) – we helped re-position our client from a software/hardware vendor to hotels, to a partner who creates additional profit centers for hotels increasing spend per room, generating advertisement revenue and other partnership opportunities. We then found them an independent hotel chain with a little under 10 locations and 1000+ rooms to run a pilot program.  The pilot program is currently in full swing with full deployment to the other properties beginning in the fall of 2019.

Professional Services (Marketing Automation) – we are working with a professional services firm adding nearly 2,000 ideal new prospects to their database.  Once added to their database, we created work flows and processes that focused on nurturing and retaining these new clients.  As of July 2019, over $100,000 in new revenue has been generated from the new prospects that converted into paying clients.

Marketing/Consulting (Monetize Unused Assets) – the client had an under utilized asset, a license for a virtual server that runs multi-user lead generation software.  We were able to find a “competitor” serving a different audience who was willing to cover the cost of the server and in addition pay a 10% profit royalty for clients they put on the server.

Leadership/Sales Training Consultant (Lead Generation + Scalability) – we engaged with a training consultant that was surviving on referral business only with no way to generate new opportunities. We put together an outreach lead generation strategy that created 30+ appointments with their ideal target audience within a four-week period. They made their first $20K+ sale within 3 weeks of the start of the program. This amount of activity identified the next need, the need to scale their business and create a sustainable way to generate leads, create proposals and deliver their programs consistently. We sourced and arranged for a partner who was willing to invest in their company to create a scalable business model where our client could focus on what they do best, delivering their material.

Education Platform (Licensing and Distribution) – we engaged with a technology company that created a platform that connects employers to future talent (i.e. kids age 14-25).  With no distribution here in Canada, we set-up and arranged a licensing and distribution model that allows our client to reach a larger audience at a fraction of the cost of having to hire sales people.  This project continues to evolve and has become quite personal with the goal of rolling this out to schools by 2021.

Retail (Slow Inventory Turn-Over) – a small retailer was struggling to move inventory in the business which resulted in a cash flow crunch.  We implemented a customer funded strategy that required the owner to advertise a special deal that could only be done on a pre-order basis.  Customers that wanted to take advantage of the deal were asked to pay the full amount up front, which allowed the owner to purchase the items using the customers money all while making a profit on the overall order to the vendor.