Creative Funding for All of Your
Business and Investing Needs

Private Investors & Financing

With a network of over 900+ lenders and private investors that span the globe, The Tyrone Matheson Group has you covered for all of your funding needs.  

Typical funding range is $1,000,000 to $1,000,000,000 USD.

Partial List of Available Funding:

Funding Process

  1. Complete and submit Starter Form (sent after initial meeting)
  2. Receive a Funding Worksheet based on the answers provided on the Starter Form.
  3. Complete and submit Funding Worksheet.
  4. Receive either a Term Sheet or a Decline of Funding Application based on information provided on Funding Worksheet.
  5. Review and approve Term Sheet.
  6. Receive and sign Fee Agreement.
  7. Remit a Fully Refundable Retainer (credited against closing fee) by wire.
  8. Get introduced to Lender or Equity Provider.
  9. Lender or Private Equity Provider gathers all relevant documentation from client to review and confirm all information provided in the Funding Worksheet*
  10. Assuming all information is confirmed as per the Funding Worksheet, the funder will advance funds.

*Normal timeline is 30 to 90 days